Filtration Information

By introducing the PURITY technology, BRITA set new standards in water filtration. Purity Finest delivers better protection and taste for the pinnacle in quality coffee. 

Using BRITA’s newest Ion exchange Technology, Purity Finest removes limescale and gypsum deposits for better protection in more areas across Australia without compromising on taste.  

With the ideal mineral composition, BRITA Purity Finest encourages the release of the typical aromas from the coffee beans and thus supports the development of the authentic espresso taste.  

It also allows a stable crema with a colour and consistency previously unachieved.  Use BRITA Purity Finest to ensure the unique taste of your roast is not compromised.

BRITA Purity C uses BRITA trusted filtration with the unique IntelliBypass® technology for optimal water quality.   
Depending on requirements, these cartridges reduce the carbonate hardness, as well as substances that can impair odour and taste, and the smallest of particles. Only in this way can the taste and aroma of the products develop and deliver top-quality results. Typical areas of application for the PURITY C filter cartridges are coffee and espresso machines, hot and cold drink vending machines as well as combi ovens and conventional ovens.



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